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Between 15 and 20 million units of bicycles are sold in the U.S. annually, and they seem to get more popular every year. Not only do bicycles give freedom and mobility to individuals with smaller incomes, but they’re a great source of exercise that requires no gas or insurance to operate.

While bicycles aren’t terribly complicated mechanically, they are eventually in need of some form of bicycle repair. Unfortunately, many owners neglect this repair and shrug it off as “unnecessary and expensive” to their detriment. Nothing could be further from the truth, and we’d like to show you how you will always benefit from quality bicycle repair at your local shop.

Keep Your Bike’s Value High

You may not be aware of this, but nice bicycles are similar to cars in that they maintain their value over time if you keep them maintained. Especially if your bike is from one of the major brands and has been upgraded or customized, it will sell on the open market long after you bought it with proper bike repairs. Local bike repair shops are often resale points for those who wish to part with their wonderful bikes for even better ones, and you can often achieve two goals in one by visiting them. By pursuing bicycle repair and being a diligent owner, you can keep your bike’s value high and consider it a form of investment for when you want to sell it later.

Don’t Get Stranded

No matter whether you live in an urban or rural environment, it’s possible to get stranded if your bicycle breaks down far from home. This may not be an issue if you’re in a city and can drag your bike onto public transportation, but it may become a hazardous scenario if you’re taking a country ride and aren’t near civilization. Even in a populated environment, what happens if you get stranded in a bad area or near unfriendly people who might want your bicycle for themselves? Instead of worrying about mechanical failure and getting stranded somewhere, make sure to pursue bicycle repair as part of your overall ownership strategy. When you can count on your gears to turn and your brakes to work, your bike can take you virtually anywhere.

Keep Riding, Stay Healthy

If you’ve ever driven in someone’s beat-up old car that keeps breaking down, then you’re aware of how mechanical repairs can vastly improve the experience of something. Bikes are less complicated, but the concept is similar: nobody wants to ride a bike where the gears are constantly jamming, the chain is falling off, or the brakes don’t work. Therefore, it only makes sense that if you have a bike that is in bad condition, you won’t ride it nearly as much or at all.

If you don’t ride your bike and don’t pursue other forms of exercise, you may get into a vicious cycle where you fall off of good health habits and suffer needlessly. Instead of falling off the wagon and onto the couch, invest in bicycle repair so you can go riding again. Riding a bicycle that is well taken care of and in good repair will be such a pleasant experience that you won’t be able to stop the health benefits from positively affecting you!

Take Care of Your Gears, and You’ll Go Far

Now that you know all the benefits of bicycle repair, we hope it only makes sense that you’ll be visiting your local bike shop sooner or later to optimize your ride. Not only will it help keep the value of your bicycle high when you think about selling it later, but you won’t have to worry about being unnecessarily stranded when easy repairs could have prevented your bicycle from breaking down. Similar to a car, it’s far more pleasant to ride a bicycle that is in good condition, and the more you ride it the healthier you will be in the long term. If you’re in the San Diego area and are in need of bike repair, why don’t you consider visiting Cycle Logical Bikes? It might be the best investment you ever make in your ride!

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